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Flawless Queer Party with Baby Bonus, Comeback Kid DJs, Deep Trouble and Bey Dance

Tickets $12 on door. Doors 9.00am - 3.00am.

This October, we’re letting go of our first love and letting someone new into our hearts. Unlike everything and anything you’ve known before, at the Gasometer Hotel you can take it from the front, and have it in the back because sometimes clichés are sexy and we all want to be wined and dined on the first date. Eating ain’t cheating, and with pub-priced drinks available to lubricate that sass, who’s to say that you should settle for anything less before you head out back and the real debauchery commences. You want a casual creepin’? Go sky high to the mezzanine and be that eagle on the horizon, as you make your way downstairs to dance underneath the shiny disco ball and the Bey dancers help you realise that if you like it, you’re sure as hell going to put a ring on it. Because honey, the cuties will be in full supply. Turn me on, take it off and turn it up. This is the dawning of a new age and you are our rainbow phoenix.

BABY BONUS 9-11pm Baby Bonus is Brodie from Bundaberg. Say that 10 times over and you’ll redefine the concept of a b-line, but that don’t mean you won’t receive the nectar to your honey pot. Small-world famous DJs of Hip Hop Hotties, your bb Baby Bonus is one-half of DJ duo, FEE£INGS, and won’t apologise to nobody for being known to close a set with Killing Heidi because she aspires to live like Kanye West, and look like Harry Styles. Yeah, that jacket’s Margiela. Baby Bonus also makes Filmme Fatales, the quarterly zine about the places where film and feminism intersect.

COMEBACK KID DJs 11pm-1am Melbourne’s very own Batman and Robin, Comeback Kid DJs are menswear retail crusaders by day and when darkness strikes, will make you remember what it’s like to shake what your mumma, pappa and entire family tree gave you. Some relationships, you can never let go of, and that’s why we’re bringing sexy back again this year so you can reminisce what it felt like to play naked in a ball pit with your crush; this is the sound that Comeback Kid DJ’s will be bringing to the floor, so for one night in the name of L - U - V love, make it bounce.

DEEP TROUBLE 1-3am Take ½ a cup Brett Bevege, and ½ a cup Harriet Hudson, you get deep, you get deep, you get Deep Trouble. Longtime musical collaborators, the 2 BFF’s have werked it harder than Iggy Azalea having played in Good God, Circle Pit, Southern Comfort and are now rockin’ it on the regulur in Melbourne based band, Miss Destiny. Nobody puts Baby in the corner, and similarly Deep Trouble perpetually turn dull house parties into the juiciest of dancefloors; we’re talking freshly squeezed, and you can bet your sweet a$$ there’s pulp. Spinning a diversified mix of tasty treats from the 70s to the now, Deep Trouble will pop, lock and rock you, and keep you on your toes from 1am until close, before someone has you on your back later.

BEY DANCE Basically, this: + lights + late night freaky.