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Van Walker

Front Bar. Free entry. 8.30pm

Van Walker, the original bearded hipster from Tasmania, with the 'look of a lumberjack and the heart of a poet' can't really do much about changing his appearance as he's always looked as he does, even in primary school, and thus just has to cop being hip by association. Although what trendsetter could say they recorded 5 solo albums in just over a few years, fronted dirty rocknroll groups such as The Swedish Magazines and The Heartbrokers, formed jangly vox heavenly harmony pop outfits like The Livingstone Daisies, or cracked the boards in theatres around the country with the Vandemonian Lags, the troupe of Aussie muso's (Mick Thomas, Tim Rogers, etc) recreating the stories of Tasmanian convicts through song. He appears at the Gasometer front bar on Tuesday 18 November. Free entry. 8.30pm start.