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Flawless Queer Party: SEEYA 2014! featuring Whiskey Houston, Hannah Wintour and Eaton Mess

Tickets $12 on door. Doors 9.00pm - 3.00am.

Last month we had our first kiss. I remember the subtle flushing of your cheeks and the way you smiled at me from the mezzanine as I was breaking it down, down, deeper and down on the d-floor with my crew. Beautiful faces filled the spaces, but there was no temptation because it was you and only you who I snuck into that cubicle with. They say good things take time, but with you, I want it all the time. Am I moving too fast to ask that we take things next level? This November let me take you out on that second date. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

★ Whiskey Houston ★ Defined by the finest lines of her statuesque mullet; a hairstyle better carried by no other, Whiskey Houston (aka. Mother Flawless) is back to reign in the year that was as she leads our queer honeyz back home to the Mothership of unadulterated ecstasy. The only thing more profound than her glitterati aesthetic will be the beats that she will be dropping. Disclaimer - leave your inhibitions at the door. No stranger to all things that go bump and grind in the night, you’ve most likely seen Whiskey Houston spinning with her other lovechild, the Outpost disco (also held at yours truly). And just on the DL, she'll be warming you up for the Village People at next year’s Golden Plains Festival (got your tix to GP utopia yet?). So, it’s official - Whiskey Houston has reached the gay peak and damn straight (but actually the opposite), she’ll be seeing you at the top of the mountain.

★ Hannah Wintour ★ Jump back to August this year, and you’ll remember the flashes of lilac locks, with curls that drew the girls, B-O-I boys and everyone in between. It was on this momentous eve, that Hannah Wintour popped her Flawless debut cherry and balled so hard that well, yes, we did find her to bring back the kind of dancefloor wetness that only dreams are made of. On the annum, Hannah also MC’s at Pride March and the Midsumma Carnival, and on the reguluur hosts Late Nights on Triple J, JOY 94.9’s independent OZ music show, Little Fish, as well as the Monday morning breakfast show. That’s a whole lot of action, and even more talk, get ready to taste the rainbow.

★ Eaton Mess ★ You like it sticky? You want it sweet? Or perhaps triple whipped until you find that ever so subtle crunch… What if we told you that baby, you could have it all and never have to deal with the consequences of your over-indulgence ever again? Meet Eaton Mess, Wellington’s cream of the queer party crop. With an absence of banging debauchery in her hometown, Eaton knew what she wanted and made it happen, hosting parties such as the Radio Friendly queer nights at Mighty Mighty, and the Jo Sandwich series of fundraisers. As 50% of Wellington DJ duo Last Ones Dancing, she’s supported the likes of Grimes, Ladyhawke, Baths, and Randa. Don’t tell me you’re not going to ask for dessert? Come November, Eaton Mess will satisfy your sweet tooth as she spins that disco cream.