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Superstar, Lovers Of The Blackbird, The Great Outdoors & Simon J Karis

Tickets $10 on door. Doors 8.00pm

Lovers of the Blackbird have carefully picked a posie of their favourite natives and varietals and are oh so proud to have them join us for a night of noises. Here's a little about them...

The Great Outdoors is the moniker of ace shredder Zachary Schneider, who has been swooning us with his silky licks with local legends Totally Mild. His endearing brand of coy Dad-in-the-lounge-after-a-Malibu-and-coke pop is no less legendary and a rare treat.

Simon J Karis has the aural palette of an impressionist (not the guy from Police Academy, more like Boudin or Van Gogh) Beautifully textured, colourful, dark, loud or soft, it's hard not to close one's eyes and imagine the pictures evoked by these phonic masterpieces, particularly because he's so bloody handsome!

Lovers Of The Blackbird are lovers of flora and fauna -both in nature and on tea-towels- and gather their inspiration thusly. Their twinkling, intertwining guitar and glockenspiel numbers are minimal yet commanding, unique but strangely familiar and will babble and ebb and howl and coo like all the things we secretly long for but may have forgotten.

Superstar, put quite simply, are an anomaly. My usual grab bag of adjectives for such a band might be...dreamy, cosmic, elegant...well, those words only touch the hem of the Superstar garment. Hope you can join us!