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Orphan X-mas Eve at The Gas with Tonstartssbandht, Peter Bibby, Jaala, Rogue Wavs & Good Morning


Tickets $15 + BF. Doors 8.00pm

Orphans and outcasts! Bone Soup is proud to present: Orphans Xmas Eve at the Gaso! Come celebrate the splendour of Christmas, the spirit of Jeshua Jeremiah Christoffenson and his holy see who gave his only begotten spawn to bring us this night of amazing music and good time home vibes for all.

Headlining are the inimitable TONSTARTSSBANDHT (pronounced Tahn-starts-bandit) from NY USA, Andy and Edwin White take you on a ride of psych wig out longform jams and grooves that combine psych / garage / country / doom and all of the things in what is their most intimate show of their recently announced Australian tour.

Along for the ride on this psychedelic sleigh is none other than PETER BIBBY, on the back of his phenomenal record which has been garnering praise across the land of OZ, he'll be crooning and swooning us select few orphans into his dusky tang filled world of typhoid hallucinations and strum the guitar like a dog drunk on rum for our pleasure alone.

Next! its JAALA - otherwise known as COSIMA frontwoman of scribble spider kitchen jam outfit Mangelwurzel, but this time its SOLO. I havent heard her yet, I dont wana spoil the surprise. Its gonna be good. I know it.

We also have.. ROGUE WAVS! Oh man, can't get enough of her Lunki EP, Rogue Wavs creates ethereal mellifluous melodies combining noise, beautiful singing, baby screams, birds squawking, beats falling and electro pianos rolling. It's really really good.

Finally! GOOD MORNING are joining the ride, Vice said this about them recently on Noisey ' Good Morning drop the most ridiculously catchy and seemingly effortless pop songs going.. they're super nice guys too'. Vice said it, so you know it's true. Vice also called them 'Bastards'. Vice.

Tickets are super limited to 80 only. We cant fit too many in this room. We gonna have Xmas drinks, Xmas spirits, there will be crappy presents wrapped in newspaper for everyone (everyone being the first 20 or 30 people or until we run out). There will be a rope light! Rope light! Don't miss this show! Be one of the select few, the elite, the downtrodden, the left behind. The Orphans. Do it. Do it right. And never stop believing.