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Hawk Moth Xmas Party featuring Saint Jude & Empire of Poets

Free entry! Doors 5.00pm.

After a massive year of doing stuff that took us from a shed in Clifton Hill to fancy pants hotels in Beverley Hills and Entourage style offices in Burbank, LA, after twelve months of music from Empire of Poets, waywardbreed, Saint Hill, The Man Who Wasn't There (but he was) and other assorted goodies, Hawk Moth Records has decided that like all good alcohol fuelled businesses, we are gonna throw a Christmas Party.

Save the date mofos. Sunday 7th December. First weekend of summer, early evening open air gig at The Gas. Empire of Poets on at 7pm and then just to be weird we've invited our Non-Hawk Moth buddies Saint Jude of Cobra Snake Necktie Records to close the night from 8.30pm. This is a cunning ruse whereby all Hawk Moth folk can get drunk as skunks without having to worry about playing! There will be Xmas presents. There will be drinkings. There will be ciggies smoked on the mezzanine. There will be damn good times! DJ Stretch, DJ Moonboy and Dave the Scot playing Sunday churchy as fuck tunes during the day. More details to come…May the Moth be with you….