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Richie 1250 & the Brides of Christ + Sugar Fed Leopards + Pink Tiles

Tix on the door $10

Un great festival of Steph Brett at Gasometer! Steph Brett, on barely stepping off return boat from gallavantings around Indonesian Continent with most powerful trio "Empat Lima", will perform with muchly heartfelt disco fevers in front of beautiful woman conglomerate "Sugar Fed Leopards". In additions, she will also involve herself in the performantage of burning guitarmanship and sensual background "oooohs" beside her most white-panted thrustular man-chum, Richie1250, in their role of brinskmanshipping the colussus "Richie1250 & The Brides Of Christ". This being the shocking first time these two goliath Steph Brett filled acts to perform on the same bill, one must be forewarned of possible heavens opening up in rapture at conclusion.

Not to be unlooked at also, number one Steph Brett fans "The Pink Tiles" to make startling entrance with muchly Phillipined bubblegum pop confections, including essential Steph Brett tribute song, "Steph Brett".

Truly, a more excitementing wednesday night has not occured.