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Bootleg Rascal & Zac Slater

$8 + BF / $12 on the door. Doors 8.30pm

A Chilean, A Butcher, A Vanilla Gorilla and A Seedy Dude walks into a bar... Chances are, they're the boys of Bootleg Rascal. Bootleg Rascal supported Sticky Fingers on the Gold Snafu single tour around Australia in Feb/Mar this year. Since then, they've been at it in the studio, squirrelled away writing in the Rascal den, located in one of Sydney's armpits. Pumping out only what Bootleg Rascal can, with their dynamic musical ability and their unique creative charms. Kings and Queens is the first single to come from these sessions. A pop driven track as infectious as a 70's disease. With it's hooky disco beat, sick riff and Carlos's sexy vocals, you'll be singing it hours after you've had a whiff of it. The Rascals deliver an infectious live set. Crowd members usually getting in on the stage action voluntarily. The Gasometer gig will no doubt stir up some ruckus.