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Northeast Party House with Wax Witches

2 shows!! Under 18's (Doors 2.30 - 6.00pm) and Over 18's (Doors 7.30pm). Tickets $15 + BF from Oztix

Northeast Party House, have built a cult following thanks to their electrifying live shows and songs combining the heady exhilaration of dance music with pop hooks and a rock backbone and Northeast Party House are bringing the party back to the stage nationally in September / October.

Performing songs from their debut album, Any Given Weekend, Northeast Party House’s ode to partying – the good, the bad and the ugly – capture live the band members’ gloriously shambolic trip of love, lust, friendship, bright lights, sticky walls and the odd stimulant.

Northeast Party House have finally bottled their live genie into an album of 10 cohesive tracks that are destined to ignite parties all around the nation.

UNDER 18'S SHOW TICKETS FROM OZTIX (2.30 til 6.00pm)

OVER 18'S SHOW TICKETS FROM OZTIX (7.30 til 10.30pm)