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The Electric Guitars - January Wednesday residency with The Melbourne Drone Orchestra & The Electric Guitars Caveman Revue

Tickets $8 on the door. Doors 8.00pm.

THE ELECTRIC GUITARS humbly present a formidable undertaking as they perform a live musical representation of the entire history of time, over four Wednesday nights in Collingwood, in January, at The Gasometer.

Helping them to realise this (frankly idiotic) idea are a lineup of special guests more special than a magic whistle and more talented than a ... nother magic whistle.

Week two - 14/1/15

The Pleistocene Epoch: the coming of the ice-age, the death of megafauna. Out with Neanderthals and in with Homo erectus (your mother). As commiseration for these shit events we introduce the monolithic slab of monotony (the good kind!) that is The Melbourne Drone Orchestra including a cast of legendary guitar players.

The Electric Guitars will be in radical Pleistocene mode with special guest sabre-toothed drummer Adele Daniele from Les Minijupes, and will also join the MDO.

The Electric Guitars: putting the 'c' back into 'pie' (then rearranging it to spell EPIC).