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Mangelwurzel - single & video launch with Spermaids & Hideous Sun Demon (Perth)

Tickets $10 + BF from Oztix / $15 on door. Doors 8.00pm

Pencil this one into your diary because Mangelwurzel have many a sweet candied fruit for YOU! Mangelwurzel will release their second single ‘My House’, from their forthcoming debut album, and have brought together the most wickedly high energy muvva fuckgn supports to celebrate. Hideous Sun Demon (Perth) Imagine all your favourite bands but better and fronted by a cartoon with fireworks in his arse. Spermaids are a best-friends-since-fourteen-years old duo and this is what Lyndon Blue had to say after seeing them play at Camp Doogs "’s the first time in a long time a guitar anddrums duo has felt fuller than a three or four piece band to my ears; their stuttering, pitch-bending, warped effects and thundering metal-infused drum pummeling amounts to a force to be reckoned with. To call them a rock band, despite being broadly accurate, would seem to undercut how fresh and unique their sound is. 10/10 would compare to being crushed by a flashing neon steamroller."