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The Electric Guitars - January Wednesday residency with Acts Revelations & Sky Band

Tickets $8 on the door. Doors 8.00pm.

THE ELECTRIC GUITARS humbly present a formidable undertaking as they perform a live musical representation of the entire history of time, over four Wednesday nights in Collingwood, in January, at The Gasometer.

Helping them to realise this (frankly idiotic) idea are a lineup of special guests more special than a magic whistle and more talented than a ... nother magic whistle.

Week three - 21/1/15

The Industrial Revolution and the rise of the machines. Steam powered and coal-driven, we celebrate the rise of sweatshops and the continual march to slavery (wage slavery) of humankind. Population and income rises are increasingly steep and we see the dawn of both capitalism and consumerism. Fuck that, The Electric Guitars say, as do:

  • Acts Revelations, who use wheezing chord organs and heavy romanticism to dredge up a gothic folk frenzy of Italianate neorealism from the depths of the darkest bodega.

  • Sky Band, the heart, blood and toenail clippings of Leif Svensson (formerly of 2 Litre Dolby, Northatlantic Audio, etc), whose humming drones and creaky silences are like a zeppelin ride into space.

The Electric Guitars: putting the 'c' back into 'pie' (then rearranging it to spell EPIC).