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The Electric Guitars - January Wednesday residency with Vacuum & Orlando Furious

Tickets $8 on the door. Doors 8.00pm.

THE ELECTRIC GUITARS humbly present a formidable undertaking as they perform a live musical representation of the entire history of time, over four Wednesday nights in Collingwood, in January, at The Gasometer.

Helping them to realise this (frankly idiotic) idea are a lineup of special guests more special than a magic whistle and more talented than a ... nother magic whistle.

Week four - 28/01/15

And so we arrive at the last show and the glittering but unfulfilled utopian promise of The Space Age. The automated luxury, endless free time and entertainment of a world yet to emerge from the petty greed and trivial self-absorption that keeps us tethered to our current, crummy lot. But The Electric Guitars strive to rise above and celebrate the things that keep us moving forward to the promise of a jet-age full of excitement, freedom, and a new mode of outward thinking.

  • Vacuum don't give a fuck. They're here, now, and that's all the excuse they (Jenny Branagan from Nun and Andrea Blake from Chrome Dome) need to spazz out to the coldest techno minimalscapes.

  • Orlando Furious just rants his schizoid discoid psych madness across all times and eras. No future, no history - just party jams eternal.

The Electric Guitars: putting the 'c' back into 'pie' (then rearranging it to spell EPIC).