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HOSS - 2 sets!

Tickets $12 + BF / $15 on door. Doors 8.30pm.

Man, Hoss is almost TOO good. You know, when you have been eating sensibly for a bit and then you have a huge and fabulous meal that is so good that you'll never forget it? A feast so beautiful and overwhelming that you actually vomit before the delicate sorbet? Well, train your gullets Motherfuckers! Because Hoss are going to serve up 2 sets of the purest Rocking distillation of every hardass rocking molten bitchen fucken AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Hoss has been honing this formula over 26 years, so this is a rich and delicious casserole. A mash of all the greatest hard rock since Rock ( and Roll) was invented. Played with love and aggro. It's the best... But prepare yourselves. Don't want to make anyone ill. Oh, there even be new songs! Just warning y'all. At the Gaso for $12+BF or $15 on the door. Two sets.