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Nico Niquo + OBA: "Vessel" Live Show with Habits (DJ), Isabella Mason & Hyde

Tickets $10 on door. Doors 8.00pm.

In support of the release of their split EP 'Vessel' through Danish record label Phinery, Nico Niquo and OBA present their debut live show as collaborators at the Gasometer Hotel. HABITS will be DJ'ing all night long, with support sets from:

Hyde is the side-project of Jim J Sellars which is an outlet for explorations in odd rhythms and noise. Introducing new material (with a debut EP released in late 2015), his live set is an attack of energy-driven drums and dense found sounds.

After a year long hiatus, Isabella Mason’s newest set combines re-sampled original content from 2013 and 2014 with live, improvised editing andeffects. Similar to her earlier work which fused unrehearsed recordings with a subjective creativity, Mason’s most recent work relies on the improvised and live, undetermined editing to create an ambient set that is both instinctive and spontaneous. Finding moments of reflection in reproductions of the every day environment.

"Phinery just dropped a doozy with 'Vessel'. Split between Nico Niquo and OBA, Vessel comes between two lengthy tracks by each artist. Side A is Nico Niquo with “Glass Cypher,” a very patient and calculated shimmer of sounds, waving like a distant mirage, but it’s really just right in your face about it. There’s a story withing “Glass Cypher” that’s detectable, and one must venture this bard’s quest alone, as all outcomes will process the sounds differently, and may even end up sleeping on a pile of bath salts. Who knows!? “Glass Cypher” could be the next Ambien… or straight up calming narcotic. Side B is OBA, who’s “Under A Dark Ray,” which are the black spots one sees after getting knocked in the head too hard. Or hit the duster with too much force. “Under A Dark Ray” is part of the Vessel that takes one-to-know-one, really, harboring such distance and longing (within each note) on a peaceful vibe, streaming a pleasantness that flutters and tampers with listeners’ skulls like the cotton they actually put in some candies. OBA perfectly compliments Nico Niquo in Vessel, both in musical ability, production technique, and overall calming effects that window an audible hallucination throughout." -Tiny Mix Tapes