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BBQ PARTY! Starring The Burnt Sausages, Tenderloins & Hot Wings

Tickets $10 on door. Doors 8.00pm

It's a BBQ party with all your favourite meatiest bands. THE BURNT SAUSAGES: a sizzlin’ new band with a hot new type of music - BBQ Punk. These bangers with bang have been charred, scarred and tormented with tongs. Prepare to be dunked in tomato sauce, coleslaw and smokin’ hits like ‘Get Out of My Grill’, ‘Too Many Onions’ and processed meat anthem ‘Burnt Sausages: Raw On The Inside’. WARNING - CONTAINS MEATY MAYHEM. TENDERLOINS: four beer-drinking removalists play songs about trucks and drinking beer. Sounds like Tom Waits singing The Beach Boys, tastes like whiskey drank out of a cowboy boot. A guaranteed hoot! HOT WINGS: the freshest, hottest sound cooked up in Melbourne. With a secret recipe of Surf, Soul, Rockabilly and Swinging Guitar Boogie instrumentals.