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Laura and Greg (Brooklyn, NY) with Jimmy Hawk Band & Palm Springs

Tickets $10 on door. Doors 7.30pm.

LAURA AND GREG: This garage-pop two piece from Brooklyn have had a busy year, releasing their first LP “Forever For Sure” in May and playing out constantly in NYC and around the states including CMJ, Northside Festival, Canadian Music Week and SXSW. Winning over audiences with their unexpected hooks and close harmonies, Laura and Greg are especially excited to be playing in Melbourne, Laura’s hometown.

JIMMY HAWK BAND: At once familiar and mysterious, Jimmy Hawk is the sound of road trips, sunsets and romance – requited and otherwise. With a penchant for luscious arrangements, transcendental melody and lyricism; Hawk’s musical dreamscapes have endeared him to a steadily growing fan base. Like a conceptual love letter to his heroes: The Beach Boys, Neil Young; Big Star; Hawk’s music has always flirted with a sense of alchemy and DIY.

PALM SPRINGS: Palm springs is Erica Dunn andRaquel Solier. Self described as rhythm and blues, Palm Springs perfects the difficult task of singing about love and loss, yet sounding hopeful. Sometimes bordering on the country music side of rhythm and blues yet always aiming straight for the heart, Palm Springs have had some pearly moments since their 2012 beginning.