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FLAWLESS QUEER PARTY: Last Dance, Last Chance for Love featuring Whiskey Houston, Yo! M.A.F.I.A. and Ms Butt plus Bey Dance

Tickets $12 on door. Doors 8.00pm.

On Friday night we will fall in love and lose our senses. Spinning through the town in what I can only imagine is some kind of fluorescent spandex, there will be a fever burning between us honey, that burns and burns and burns, hot enough to last. And when that night falls…. No lonely-hearts call, because together we stand underneath the moonlight, with the flyest queer honeyz this city has to call home. This is the last time that we’ll be hosting Flawless on the reguluuur, so this is a formal invitation to take full advantage of me for the last time… or for some time to come. We might be back with rainbow vengeance once a year to get down and dirty with you once more because you can never have too much of a good thing… and honey, you are the best thing we have ever had.

WHISKEY HOUSTON 9 - 11pm: With hair that rivals the 80’s curly whirl prowess of late Whitney Houston herself, Whiskey Houston, is back. Why? Because we know how you want it done baby, and she does it naturally. It was only last month that our Mother Flawless took to the Gaso stage in metallic, leopard print spandex because sometimes you are what you wear, and when Whiskey takes to the stage, the dancefloor honeyz go primal baby. And just like a tiger, her mix will pounce on the corners of your cranium, so fiercely you’ll be wishing you were actually comprised of coconut oil, quinoa and/or kale. Although we are saying goodbye to Flawless on a month-to-month basis, don’t forget that you can always enter Whiskey’s other world at The Outpost disco, also held at the Gaso.

YO! M.A.F.I.A. 11pm - 1am: Burning holes in your Nike Air Max soles is YO! MAFIA; International Party DJ, who has probably shared the stage with as many superstar ballers over the years as she owns sneakers, and once again Flawless welcome’s her powerhouse ensemble of mixmaster skillz to bring you the thrillz to killz. Growing up as a hip-hopping junkie, YO! MAFIA has risen from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down, having recently supported artists such as Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, Die Antwood, Pharrell Williams, Iggy Azaelia and Lady Gaga across local and international festivals and headline tours. Releasing mixtapes on major record labels, and being sponsored by corporate giants such as Nike, Uniqlo, MTV, Adidas and Reebok, YO! MAFIA redefines what it means to be a total bawse, and this February will totally cut it sick, and ring you round the rosie until you remember where you left that pocket full of posies (you left them at my house last night, so call me?)

MS BUTT 1 - 3am: Yo, yo, I like it when that booty go. Go? Should we go, go? Whatever direction you’re shaking it, DJ Ms Butt will leave you wishing you packed some kind of moist toilette to wipe that wet one from your forehead after she’s had her way with you. No stranger to both the local and international festival, club and party circuit, DJ Ms Butt has performed at Golden Plans Festival, The Boiler Room, Meredith Music Festival and held residencies at Melbourne’s finest since her initiation to the Wheels of Steel club in 2002... Do really you need further explanation as to why she was chosen to DJ the NYE’s Fireworks display for 2013-14? Come Friday the 20th, she’ll again be setting it off faster than you can take yours off, via that next dimensional, global, genre-spanning, dancefloor cream; the kind you’ve all secretly wished you could be smeared in (lactose intolerant and cashew cream varieties can also be made available).

BEY DANCE: In case you’ve forgotten that your body’s too bootylicious for me baby, stop the track and let me state the facts: Friday night we’re bringing the finest Sasha Fierce honeyz from Bey Dance back to the Gasometer stage again, to help you work it out as they work it out by performing the exact same dance moves performed by Queen Bey, herself. They’ll have you feeling like an animal with these cameras all in your grill.