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Caroline No!, Lovers Of The Blackbird, Simon J Karis & Time For Dreams plus DJs Fern Murderers

Tickets $7 + BF from Oztix / $8 on door. Doors 8.00pm.

Time for a dreamy rock n roll show at the Gaso on Wednesday April 1st 2015. April Fools day is a special day for fools like you and me. Fools who go to rock shows, fools who fall in love, fools who sit in trees all day, fools who smell the roses, fools who smell other fools bums, fools who like to ride bicycles on rainy days because that's exactly what might happen just to test us and how much of a fool we really are. We are fools who enjoy pain for the sake of pleasure, fools who go out on a Wednesday night. Join us on April Fools night it will go something like this:

Time For Dreams will fluff your pillows and blow bubbles into the tiny spirals of your ears and tickle your necks with goose feathers and then lie you down upon a bed of Simon J Karis who will squish tactile sonic metal pies into your faces and immerse every cell of your multimedia minds in a stereoscopic virtual reality clam bake where dark winged genies will be screaming out morning arias of Lovers of the Blackbird where on your backs and non compis mentis, the whites of your eyes completely stolen are elsewhere in rapid eye movements and now you're really sleeping and yes doesn't mean yes it means no but not in the negative sense for Caroline No sings like a fairy claps her spirit fingers and every breath she sings from her thinner than air lungs is a protest to the heart of all the things that matter the most which are all the things fools believe in and hang their dreams upon and we are those fools.

One last element to mention is that the Fern Murderers are DJ's who also are fools and also licenced to kill us with the frondy fruits they have pilfered and pruned from the annals of time in the form of musical languages as recorded upon the platters of black wax that rotate upon a turntable and pump volume into you. Indeed This night will be devoted to foolery of the coolest kind and the Gaso is the place for the coolest and the cutest fools.