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Pierogi Pierogi x Gasometer: EAT PIEROGI MAKE LOVE

From 6.00pm in the dining room!

Hello, We are Pierogi Pierogi - your neighborhood Polish dumpling experts. You may remember us feeding the masses at good time rock and roll festivals such as Golden Plains and Laneway Festival, or maybe it was at one of those fever pitch Flour Market or Shadow Electric Outdoor cinema movies that you nearly choked on our delicious fare. Then there were the times we did monthly pop ups at other bars like The Beaufort, Thousand Pound Bend or Ferdydurke, not to mention any of the many markets we schlep at week in - week out... Well look, I think you get the picture Pierogi Pierogi is in the festival, market, Pop-up restaurant and bar take over food business. We do Polish dumplings (pierogi) and we love to take it to the masses, wherever they may be.

Its coming to the quiet season for festivals and markets and we are very excited to announce that we are taking our bar take over concept to Collingwood’s very own Gasometer Hotel. On Monday the 18th of May we will walk into The Gasometer armed with our legendary pierogi, homemade Polish pickled cucumbers, bottles of Polish vodka, hand made sausage, delicious soups and a couple of extra special bits and pieces to take the Pierogi Pierogi experience to the next level!

This is a bar take over concept that we worked last year at The Beaufort to great success with people lining up for seats on the coldest and dreariest Melbourne weather nights. We are excited to now partner with The Gasometer and incorporate eastern European music and cold, cold, shots of vodka over the bar to complete the whole authentic Polish experience.