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Two Steps on the Water, kt spit, Geryon & Jules Pereira

Tickets $8 on the door. Doors 8.00pm

Two Steps on the Water are celebrating having finished recording their debut LP, tentatively titled “Having Pop Punk Feelings in a Country Western Body.” The 9-song record combines elements of melodrama, heavy queer folk, emotion punk, and fierce western. Their music critiques the violence of gender, possessive love, and emotional repression, while celebrating the having of feelings, honest expressions of self, and the importance of humour as a means of processing the fuckedness of everything, or something.

Here's June's take on the friends joining her band to celebrate all things eMoTiOnaL: "kt spit! Her feminist ghost gal pop affects me just as Avril Lavigne did when I was 10 and Kate Bush when I was 20. Geryon! Their breathy electronic sad pop is honest and original, inspiring both tears and dancing. Jules Pereira! Her poetry sends chills down my spine and makes my face do awkward things."