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Melbourne Talks Sex with MC Corrine Grant with guest The Colonel

Tickets $13 + BF / $15 on door. Doors 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start.

Yes we know that people have been talking about it forever, however there's not many people who can talk about it openly on a greater scale and from personal life experience...

Melbourne is about to take it to another level with some very steamy and open discussions from leading Melbourne sexperts in their respective fields as they engage you with candid frank conversations varying from High Class Escorting to the difference between Swinging-Eroticism-Polyamory to Bondage (BDSM) and to the politics of Masturbation... as no topics will be off limits.

Tonight The Colonel unpacks the Swinging, Eroticist & Polyamory lifestyles and how it all works by unveiling the differences between them, the complexities that come with them, the misconceptions and the challenges they may bring to relationships.

The Colonel is one of Australia’s more enigmatic Alternative Lifestyle Industry personalities.

With an assorted career path spaning over 4 decades, The Colonel has covered many fields from Youth Counsellor to Burlesque performer, Corporate trouble-shooter to Professional Dominant, Underground event producer to Advisor for the Film/TV industries and co-owner of Australia’s only licensed Fetish Club right here in Melbourne where he turned his hand to creating a community and platform for unique individuals to practice their lifestyle in a dedicated and safe environment without judgement or prejudice.

Outspoken by nature, he is rarely short of a word and always happy to share his thoughts, knowledge or perspective and rightly so given his breadth of life experiences accumulated over his many years.

Sexual behaviour and attitudes are often brushed under the table for discussion; this series of talks is offering raw honest stories from those not afraid to deviate from the norm.

• Ever wonder what the perverse request an escort? • Or what exactly does it mean to be a Dominant? • Is a "submissive" really a submissive? • What is the real line between pleasure and pain? • What is the difference between a Swinger, Eroticist and Polyamory? • What are the politics of Masturbation?

This is your chance to hear it directly from the people who live it, breathe it, know what it's about and possibly expand your knowledge and sexual compass.

Ask your deepest darkest questions during the informal Q & A, the answers may surprise you.

Show up with an open mind, clear eyes, and you might just take home some valuable tips of the trade to add to your personal repertoire.

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Melbourne Talks Sex - Gasometer series....

~Tuesday 4 August - Savannah Stone discussing the life of a high class private escort and the realities of sex work.

~Tuesday 11 August - The Colonel demystifies BDSM by giving us an insight into the many layers of the lifestyle, the myths, the realities, the ethics and the intensities as a community and culture.

~Tuesday 18 August - The Colonel unveils the differences between Swinging and Eroticism, the complexities that come with it, the misconceptions and the challenges they may bring to relationships.

~Tuesday 25 August - Clementine Ford, writer, public speaker and self-described “masturbation evangelist” discusses the politics of masturbation. SOLD OUT