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Mangelwurzel - ‘Fishy Fry’ single launch with Mesa Cosa & Tanzer

Tickets $12 + BF / $15 on the door. Doors 8.00pm.

Friday 25th of September, MANGELWURZEL will head on down the 86 to the Gasometer Hotel to release the third single ‘Fishy Fry’ off their upcoming, debut LP ‘Gary’, definitely coming out early 2016. They will perform very special live stage show for you and all your friends and lovers. This will be a night to party. A night to remember. A night that if you miss out, you may feel deep regret for weeks, even years to come.

Coming all the way from Mexico City, party boiz MESA COSA will bring you the spiritual awakening you’ve been looking for amongst the banality of life. Come to be reborn, stay to dedicate your new life to their cult.

First, to get the tingley feelings flowing to your special places, we have asked Sultry operatic goddess TANZER and her band of pretty boys to open this special evening.