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Go Tsushima! With Terminal Sound System & Lara & Jem

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors 8.00PM

Aeso Studio presents a night of sonic landscapes, auditory worlds and pictureless films with Terminal Sound System, Go Tsushima and Lara & Jem.

Terminal Sound System is a project of musician/producer Skye Klein. An amorphous mix of electronica, post-rock, dub, doom metal and more, this is music for the spaces between moments; quantum timeshards, proto-apocalyptic hymns and love songs for robots.

Go Tsushima joins us from Osaka (JP), where he is active in bands including Baikapanik, JIKU55 and Psychadelic Desert. His solo work consists of glitchy improvised guitar and electronics, driving psychedelic waves of sound.

Lara and Jem make soundtracks to South Australian desert horror films. They make music from strings and found metal.