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sempleLIVE with Confidence Man, Batts, Huntly, Eilish Gilligan, Aeora & Yollks


It’s been a big year for everyone. With so much going on we think it’s time you chilled out with a good ‘ole Sunday Sesh at The Gasometer Hotel.

sempleLIVE is brought to you by the people that gave you an Instagram take-over by Paces' dog. Those who enjoy a good improv vox pop, the ones who have, no doubt, the tallest reviewer at the gigs (the guy with the capes obsession), the good time peeps at a music blog called Semplesize.

Featuring a showcase of local artists and DJs all under one roof (unless the Gaso opens it...) and ready to kick off your Summer. It's going to be a night you may not really remember with people you’ll never forget!