Way Dynamic with Great Outdoors, Dianas, Maureen (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $8 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

7th October $8 entry

I once heard WD being described as a grungier Carole King, or a 70s jam band version of the Go Betweens.

In an effort to tease songs from an upcoming debut LP, Way Dynamic have enlisted friends and friends-of-friends to play their various brands of guitar pop (or rock or whatever) at the Gasometer in the regal upstairs bandroom.

Get down on it. Way Dynamic https://waydynamic.bandcamp.com/ Dianas https://dianasband.bandcamp.com/ Great Outdoors https://great-outdoors.bandcamp.com/ Maureen https://m-a-u-r-e-e-n.bandcamp.com/releases