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CHATTERBOX with Prequel, DJ JNETT & Rambl, Brooke Powers, Danny Hotep & More!

Tickets $10+BF Early Bird/$15 on the door. Doors 3.00 PM


FEATURING Prequel DJ JNETT & Rambl Brooke Powers DANNY HOTEP


Summer is coming, Uni is over! What a better way to enter it than letting loose in the sun at the Gasometer.

From the people responsible for that lit Nicholson St. party where the roof fell down, CHATTERBOX is a fun and light-hearted attempt to open up the conversation and bring awareness to issues surrounding ‘Bro’ and Rape Culture in Australia.

Often victims of such culture are silenced, the aim of this party is to change this and chat. It is an incredibly difficult conversation to have, but it is one that needs to happen to make a change in society. With an All Star Local Melbourne Line up we will be raising money that 100% of the proceeds will be going towards Womens Liberation Halfway House Domestic Violence Service.

This event aims to empower those who have been affected by sexual assault, directly or otherwise, by providing a safe-place to discuss something that affects so many. It’s time to get educated, it’s time to face the facts, and it’s time to stop being silent.

Had it not been for the power of social media in 2016, perhaps the Brock Turner case would not have gone as viral. As sickening as it is, it opened up a conversation that resonated with millions around the world.

It would be an amazing world if we were all open to this conversation about rape and bro culture, and continued this powerful movement! This is a great opportunity to educate each other, regardless of sex, gender and personal experiences. Then when times and conversations get tough we go on and dance it off!

Let’s celebrate the continuation of such a powerful movement, have a good time and work together to remove the stigma attached to bro and rape culture.

Art By @Jeff Van Daatselaar