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Frank's Party with Jennifer Loveless, Amateur Dance & More! (UPSTAIRS)

Free Entry. Doors 3.00 PM

We're having our first birthday and launching our Summer line at the Gaso. The likes of Amateur Dance, Jennifer Loveless and a host of others will be spinning killer tunes, with visual displays pumping from local artists. Come down to sink some $5 sample tins, have a chat and relax in to Summer.

Audio Stimulation: Amateur Dance Jennifer Loveless Hamish Mitchell Huw Orleans Slim Vibrato Kuta Gleeson Errol

Visual Stimulation: Blend93 MJ Clare Moore Frank Forever

Physiological Stimulation: $5 Sample tins

Entry's free all day and night, and you'll have the chance to grab our summer line "Cooked / Chill" before it's in stores and online on Monday.

Kicking off at 3 until 1, with preview purchases for "Cooked / Chill" available until around 8. Visuals and art will be happening all night long.