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The Braves, Draught Dodgers, Kit Warhurst (Free Show)

Free Entry. Doors 8.00 PM

THE BRAVES hot off the release of their newest single will be playing unqualified host with the fury of a baseball bat swung by a hard done by Joe pesch, to some of the best in and around the mouth of melbourne town.

DRAUGHT DOGERS whirlwind guitars, V8 fuelled beats, electrified hip shakin' fury & a whole lotta boot stompin' action, as Tim Rogers brand new guitar spanking outfit fronted by Diamond Jack Davies, take to the stage for a night of soul saving rock 'n' roll dance music. Sounding like the demented love child of Beefheart, The Cramps, Stooges & Easybeats, the DRAUGHT DODGERS are here to sonically in trance & make you wanna dance.

KIT WARHURST the reborn, revitalised, rejuvinated! prepare to stare in slack jawed wonderment as the once drummer of Rocket Science turns his prowess towards the guitar, like he was thrust from the bardo thodol and placed as demi god of eastern idols, with three wolf heads, flames pouring from pours and a salacious attitude toward any rule that dont break for him. the self liberator himself sings songs from his latest release.