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Nothinge Release Party w/ Second Sight & En.V (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $10+BF/$15 on the door. Doors 8.00PM

Nothinge records and performs Lo-Fi music. Nothinge has had a very strong exploration of music from rock n roll 50’s to industrial 80’s. Since the beginning of its creation, it has been listening to the likes of: The Residents, Severed Heads, James Brown, David Bowie, Suicide, Prince, Ariel Rosenburg, R. Stevie Moore, Jon Maus.

The sound has grown into a wide variety incisions in sound. Referencing Ariel Rosenburg and Jon Maus which have been core influential proprietors to the universal ways of creating music via lo-fidelity. Surpassing the idea of music being purely aesthetic, the artist tries to hint at what is beautiful or disgusting under the toupee. Nothinge considers what it does and compares itself to surrealism.

Using words and sounds like objects and displacing them and making something terrible or beautiful of these materials this way. Nothinge portrays a deeper context of beauty, from flickering mental pictures of a homeless man's mind slowly receding into the dream world to the dark fetishistic seedlings of high noblemen and aristocrats. This will be the special night of the release party of ‘Play Dead’.

The third full album by Nothinge. Come celebrate its existence w/ Second Sight and Masses on Thursday, December 7th.