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Ella Hooper - 'New Magic' EP preview show with Darling James & Mouth Tooth

Tickets $15 + BF / $20 on door. Doors 8pm.

Ella will be hitting the stage of The Gas with the NEW MAGIC band as part of the Collingwood Open (the roof comes off, the stars come out, and so do you. No terry towelling sweatbands required. Although..) to preview the follow up to and accompanying yin to last years EP release VENOM.

NEW MAGIC is a soft focus but reasonably bouncy 90's tinged swirling pop piece that takes Hoopers fans to a happier place than the name says it all material of Venom. This music was made to be seen live and/or heard wafting out of car stereos, so don't miss this first taste of Summertime Hoops.

Ella is joined by Darling James, a band you need to see and have probably already heard due to their debut single (JJJ fave) 'Ultimatum Talk' which the internet had THIS to say about - "A sizzling, hypnotic, building track that details the stinging event and aftermath of receiving Jame's own ultimatum talk. A mix of classic melody writing with a bold and disconcerting use of mesmeric repetition. Such is the case for his debut single: from a beguiling ukelele loop to a psych-rock explosion of organs and drums, 'Ultimatum Talk' is a masterclass in minimalism and personal disaster. You will not escape unscathed" Woah. Go James.

Opening act TBA... Other special treats in the works. (is it MERCH? Is it MUSIC? A new DANCE ROUTINE? You'll just have to come along to find out!) GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW !!! In a world without Bowie, we all need a little new magic.