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The Outpost Presents.... Homecoming Queen featuring Whiskey Houston and the Sugar Plump Fairies plus Stephen Allkins

Tickets $15 on door. Doors 8pm - 3am.

“Jerri, I know you want to be homecoming queen. We all want to be homecoming queen” – Stephen Colbert

February brings some sparkling, special, summer lovin’ to the Gasometer. Class Presidents Whiskey Houston and the Sugar Plump Fairies (Mr. Weir and actual homecoming queen Gerard Long) will be initiating Outpost debutant, bona fide disco royalty Stephen Allkins.

Grab a corsage and your Jungle Juice, book your limo, find a football player to finger and come along to our extended party mix, with an extra hour of majestic roof-open summer magic.

This is a mixed event for gay guys and girls and their powder blue suit wearing dates. No dickheads, homophobes or mean girls. EARLY OPEN: 8pm til 3am.