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Inner Varnika Decompression with Lee Gamble and Sex Tags - all night long!

Tickets $15 + BF / $20 on door. Doors 6pm - 3am.

Doors 6pm - 3am.

It is with dangerous levels of delight that we are able to announce Lee Gamble, an esteemed artist and an electronic alchemist of abstract rhythm and sound.

Gamble has been purposely eluding dance floor fashions and injecting disparate sources of deconstructions and sound-full mechanical groove into a seamless and fluid mix of motion since the early 2000’s, though has been responsible for engaging simultaneously both the body and mind of dancers and listeners by marching to the beat of his own drum(s), and bass.

Raised and bred at the height of Birmingham’s legendary Jungle and Techno scene whilst also contributing and participating in the local pirate radio stations of the day; Lee has since been tirelessly exploring and broadcasting symbolic acoustomatic exchanges (on NTS and beyond), and distinguishing himself as a luminary in the field of abstract experimental computer music.

Presenting his work via highly acclaimed labels such as Entr’act, PAN and now having recently established his own imprint UIQ, Lee has been incredibly high on our wish list for some time, and we are extremely proud to have him perform. Prepare to have your mind rearranged.

Straight from the Norway, the dexterous duo and the eclectic excellence of DJ Sotofett and DJ Fettburger will freak the shores down under again in the invitingly provocative manner that only the minds behind the Sex Tags brand can.

The brains-trust behind some of the most competitively uninterested, digitally elusive and consistently diverse labels of the last decade are back once again, to help push ‘strayalian underground culture forward, whether that be by wax, paint or thought.

Those who were there for their 2015 closing set will only remember the sheer reality of the communal dance and collective smile with which they created and left us with.