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The Outpost Presents... The Who's Who of Who Cares with DJs Whiskey Houston, Mr Weir and special guest Kovac

Tickets $15 on door. Doors 9pm - 3am.

“People like me were supposed to be into exclusivity, unapproachable. That's what I hate most. I think it's very démodé” – Karl Lagerfeld

Looking for plush interiors and decor, luxurious lounges, VIP booths, glamour, fashion and lavish cocktails? Wrong party.

This April the Outpost couldn’t give a shit who you are and what you look like as long as you are up for a disgustingly sweaty, amyl-fuelled dance. DJ’s Whiskey Houston, Mr Weir and special guest Kovac will be bringing ‘musical sophistication’ so you don’t have to worry.

So put on your finest whatever and name drop whoever the fuck cause we don’t care – except for disco and you fabulous nobodies.

This is a mixed event for gay guys and gals and non-exclusive types. No dickheads, homophobes and ‘don’t you know who I am’s’.