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Lost And Lonesome presents Sing Oh! De Mayo - Tuesdays In May with The Zebras, Footy & Monnone Alone

Tickets $10 on door. Doors 7.30pm.

May-time is upon us and for various wondrous reasons, Lost And Lonesome are celebrating! The Melbourne-based record label, nearing their 100th release, have decided it’s fiesta time at the Gasometer Hotel every Tuesday night for the entire month — and have we got some line-ups for you!

Fittingly, L&L label boss Marky M opens proceedings with his rambling collection of cosmic beach poppers Monnone Alone, followed by experimental piano peddling pioneers Footy (back from a brief sojourn to Who Knows Where?), with ace new band member Evelyn Morris tapping the tubs. Headlining the first night, The Zebras are bona fide Lost And Lonesome legends, veterans of the game… the longest continually jangling band on the label!