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Leaps & Bounds Festival Presents, Living Legends - Phil Kakulas

Tickets $25+BF/$30 on the door. Doors 6PM

He’s worked with the greatest songwriters this country’s ever produced, walking music’s unmarked tracks with the late David McComb and Grant McLennan and also one Mr. Paul Kelly. He’s rubbed shoulders with Johnny Cash,Smiths/Blur/Libertines producer Stephen Street, and was once bold enough to casually greet Lou Reed on a New York street.

He is PHIL KAKULAS and this year Leaps and Bounds celebrate his remarkable contribution to Australian music, his finely attuned ear and his sublime taste.

After playing in the earliest line up of The Triffids (leaving in 1979) Kakulas returned to collaborate with David McComb on four well-received tracks on final studio album The Black Swan in 1989. After making a strong instrumental and songwriting contribution to the Peggy Van Zalm-fronted Martha’s Vineyard in the late ‘80s, he found promptly reactivated a holiday project he’d started with McComb.

27 years later, after four original EPs, five studio albums, a four disc retrospective boxset and two ARIA nominations later The Blackeyed Susans are still here. Kakulas has produced their records, and steered the ship, aided and abetted by the songwriting smarts and utterly gorgeous, glorious vocals of Mr Rob Snarski.

Kakulas is a man of quiet taste, a drolly-reserved wit and an unfailing ear for the melodies that arise with the dimming of the day and the coming of the evening. He’s the master of hard liquor and soft music, the man who quietly conjures the spark for candles burning at both ends.

Join us July 17 as...
The Ukeladies
Members of The Xylouris Ensemble
Jeff Williams
The Spoils Duo
Alex Gow (Oh Mercy)
Rob McComb (Triffids)
Graham Lee (Triffids)
Rob Snarski
JP Shilo (Blackeyed Susans)
Angie Hart
David Bridie
Jack Howard
Quincy McLean

all pay tribute to one of the most quietly remarkable musicians in Australia.

It’s all about the spirit of a great piece of music.