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DIET. 'Life Limbo' Afterparty with Lachlan Duthie, Templar & More.

Free Entry. Doors 8.00PM

Last week some something happened down a laneway in the Melbourne CBD at a place called SHEBEEN. A strange looking man with a haircut like Dizzy Gillespie in his prime opened up his pipes and took us on a journey through his messed up thoughts and deepest darkest secrets, including how shitty growing up is and how much of a lazy prick his bass player carl is… but he’s so god dam cute when he snores.

He goes by the name of "gitchag" or “rockstar” because he’s a god damn rockstar and its pretty rare when he ain’t doing rock star shit. He is the head man for a verrrryyyy verrrrryyyyy verrryyyyyy spicy rock band who go by the name of DIET.

Check out the new film clip as well for life limbo, its been a couple weeks since the filming was done and after a few attempts at getting an explanation of how the fuck ted got his ass inside dem tight sexy pants I still have more of an idea about why dan murphy murphys doesn’t stock buckfast. get it in there ya pricks.

They had so much god damn fun that they wanted to do it again at the gaso. This time they would love to welcome a few friends to join them to pleasure your eardrums and tingle you testies.

Joining the fellas up on stage playing live noise makers is:


after the more talented members of society actually play music live theres also some other legends playing other peoples music in disc form.

MAX DNO. - the well dressed vandal
GITCHAG - mullet boy
FREAKANDY - makes a dope coffee at alley tunes

come down for a couple beers. xoxox