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FREEWYO - Illest Album Tour with special guests

Tickets $25 + BF / $30 on door. 2 shows - All Ages: doors 1pm & Over 18: doors 8pm.

Freewyo, (otherwise known as Wyo) is a half Australian, half South African rapper from Melbourne, Australia.

He does not tread lightly, and his music is simply not for those with sensitive and “easily offended” ears. It is rugged, it is street and it is controversial. Yet amazingly, he has found a way to make it play seriously smoothly through your speakers…

His strengths range from his fast flow raps to his shockingly quick witted freestyle rap ability. He also happens to carry a unique and highly charismatic crowd control ability which can seemingly turn a dead room in to a wild party.

Because of this, his 2016 marketing plan, his previous ‘East Coast House Party Tour’, and his strong consistency with his music releases and videos (some of which have even reached over 200 thousand views within 4 days). Freewyo’s fan base is accelerating at an average rate of 2.5 thousand fans per week on his Facebook page alone.

Freewyo is so gratefully also growing with his fans on a personal level as well. Most likely because of his highly controversial and honest lyrics about his up bringing, previous incarceration and lifestyle. Which a lot of the kids of this generation can find a way to relate to.

After releasing his second studio album “Illest” in March 2016 which solidified his place in Australian Hip Hop with a sledgehammer. Freewyo is already coming at his loyal fans with two new releases, including the “Way Too Fking Dope” E.P and the “I Don’t Give A Fk” Mixtape (in collaboration with “Filthy Fil”). These two releases are also being followed up with a collaboration performance with the notorious “Team Back Pack” in New York, USA in June, 2016. And a his first national tour around Australia (2016).