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Heartbreak Hotel #2


Since the success of the first Heartbreak Hotel we've decided to do it again! This time we have added some handsome men to the mix- because lets face it no man or women is exempt from heartbreak.

This is a night celebrating anyone that has ever had a broken heart. To celebrate love, loss and our legendary mates for helping us get through it. If you know anyone suffering the heartbreak blues please send them along.

Line Up:

Maree Fewster
Liam Linley
Ruby Soho
Annaliese Replica
Boyd Mitchell
Lucy Dwyer
Julian Mckenzie
Rhea Caldwell

Come grab a feed from the excellent Gaso kitchen or a glass of red and come watch us strum some songs about our broken hearts in the cozy UPSTAIRS lounge at the Gaso.

Cuddles for all. X