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Daydreams with Jimmy James, Darcy Justice, Dr Condiments & Ryan Berkeley!

Free Entry! Doors at 4.00 PM

We are so overwhelmed by this weeks killer no holds barred over the top butts to the wall hands on your friends shoulder line up. DJ Jimmyjames (strictly vinyl)

One of our family members from day dot. Jimmy James might not be on your radar but his passion and depth of understanding, sharing and downright passion for music is rivalled by nobody in Melbourne. Whenever he's played in the past it's been nothing short of a revelation. We're over the fucking moon to put him in front of you this Sunday while we dance into the stars!

Also joining him and all worthy of just as lengthy a write up are


Last week was srsly one for our 40 year old selves to tell anyone who will listen. About how there was this magic little fucking party on Sundays in Collingwood we all used to go to and live the dream at every week, high, straight, queer, non defined, bent, loved up, sweaty, recharged and feeling on top of the world after. And we can make that happen again every Sunday. Let's do it together!