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HEADZ #1 with Edo Lang, Sedgwick, Loure (LIVE), Timurçan, 6AM The Garage (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $5 on the door. Doors at 9.00 PM


Since the birth of our label and our debut release on cassette (Vol.1) in late 2014, our crew has been scattered to various parts of the world. We are not letting that get in the way, and so have decided thats it is time, to put on our first show on our home turf, Melbourne.

A bit of background info for those who don’t know... Potatoheadz was inspired by making music together with our friends in Melbourne. Potatoheadz grew out of the love of music and the idea of staying connected via a medium where we can put out the sounds that we create.

Now we are ready to bring the bedroom jams, the solo studio sessions, the collaborations, the ideas, philosophies and most importantly positive vibes to a live audience.

Let us introduce some of the HEADZ behind this event..

Edo Lang (Potatoheadz) Formerly known as DJ Oyster, Edo Lang has been a contributor to our tapes and a friend since the start. Edo Lang makes dance music with a unique mood, mysterious, looming and ‘lynchian’ in nature.

Sedgwick (Potatoheadz) Potatoheadz founder and original ‘head’ Sedgwick creates rhythmic and percussive music full of life. With background as a drummer you can expect musicality and vibed out grooves from our main man.

Loure: Live (Stamp the wax) Proper sounds from Loure are to be expected. Loure has been making some quiet waves recently, keeping it sly but keeping it quality and we expect you will be pleasantly surprised by this exclusive live set from this gentleman. Check out his latest track ’Keep it real’ premiered on the esteemed Stamp the wax 2016 Advent Calendar.

Timurçan (Fishermans Bend / Cry baby / Sub Committee) Local hero and friendly face in the community, Timurçan will be doing his thing as usual. Those who know, would have seen him working at the defunct and thoroughly missed Crybaby record shop (now operating as Cry Baby Records) Those who don’t know, expect some fine selections yeah?

6AM at the Garage No introduction is necessary really, but for those who are interested, 6AM have been doing a lot to solidify the local scene in Melbourne. While running a blog and hosting podcasts the duo Benny Rausa and Liam Alexander have been putting on events and Djiing respectively throughout the years.

On this night at The Gasometer Hotel you will get to meet some of the Headz, Collaborators, Familia, Friends & Faces behind this label. Come and catch some exclusive DJ sets from our humble gang.