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Daydreams - Opening Party ft. Brooke Powers, Nite Fleit, Baby Soul & Daydreams DJ's

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors 4.00 PM

aaaaannnndddd we're back.

Daydreams opening party with:

Brooke Powers Daydreams Nite Fleit Lady Soul

We've waited for a whole year for this we're gunna spend every Sunday under the one roof (or lack of) mushing melons in each others faces, smoking darts in the dark and getting a tan while we do so.....of course it wouldn't be the same without YOU.

The gaso had a make over since last year, things have changed and things stay the same.

Opening party is $10. We know y'all love it free and we're gunna keep it that way but we got a big shipment of goods coming in from the docs that'll make Daydreams 2017 better than any that came before. It's somewhat illegal and we have to pay off customs so hence the $10 for the first one.

Avoid that cue and get the fuck in early.