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Coalesce with Escape Artist, Soda Lite, Badskin (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $5 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

Coalescing upstairs at the Gasometer. As If. No Way! Presents an evening of experimental soundscapes and rhythms by a selection of Melbourne's up-and-coming ambient and electronic artists. With projections to accompany the sound and the walls exhibiting local artists work, we excitedly have:

Escape Artist (Live) From the depths of country Victoria comes rising producer Escape Artist. His sound bounces across genres with the same objective in mind: lush soundscapes and breakbeat rhythms.

Soda Lite (Live) Soda Lite is an ambient music project focused on expressing the sounds of local ecologies and melding them with waves of soft synth and oozing digital textures. Often accompanied by live instrumentation, songs ebb and flow along a liquid timeline without clear beginning or end, driven by atmosphere, improvisation and circadian rhythm.

Badskin (Live) Badskin is the Melbourne-based musician and composer Carla Oliver, an emerging multi-instrumentalist previously known for her involvement in Hot Palms, Soda Eaves, Michael S. Galloway, and the math rock outfit Giant Clam . Self-defined as concave, mess-room romantica, her work examines the intersections between reflection and presence. Using guitar loops, improvisation, live samples, and elements of rock music, her pieces carry with them an unapologetic romanticism. Through her use of field recordings the artist’s physical presence is heard and utilised to embrace self-reflexivity. Her work looks at how personal experiences are taken from the past and through to the future self. This fluid temporality is the audible concept in her debut album Where Was I. Where Was I is due to be released in early 2018 through Brierfield Flood Press Records.

Miranda Warning and Blake Creighton supplying tunes in between and after sets

Art Exhibited on the evening by Luke Sommerfield

Projections on the evening supplied by Jasper Van Daatelaar & Matt Johnson

$5 otd