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Mick Turner (Dirty 3) & Kishore Ryan plus Roller One

Tickets $12+BF/$15 on the door. Doors 1.30 PM

Andrew McCubbin and Melinda Kay have recently returned from touring the UK and Europe to launch their new album, Where Once There was a Fire, here in Australia.

On his 5th studio album, Where Once There was a Fire, McCubbin has perfected his songwriting craft. Likened to The National, Leonard Cohen and Mark Lanegan & Isobelle Campbell, the album has already garnered great reviews both here and in the UK and Europe.

"A fantastic, majestic and a total marvel of a record". Sonic Wave Magazine (Spain)

"It is music with a weight like embroidered cloth and a stillness that hangs far beyond its ending. "Real Slow", is a real stand-out, a gem. If there is a better song released this year then perhaps all the fucking madness is worth it." Robert Arthurton (UK)

I swear - you feel rather than hear. I don’t think anyone’s really achieved this before. And this LP will not be far from my turntable for yonks". Robert Brokenmouth 1-94

McCubbin is a singer whose intimate breath fills our sail with songs of love and reverence. He is the bravest of songwriters – daring to whittle a song down to its barest essence until you can only feel its heart string vibrating.

The album swims with guitars, strings and choirs luring the listener to the rocks. McCubbin is sublimely joined by Melinda Kay on vocals and piano, Chris Hughes (Mick Harvey / Hugo Race) on drumscapes and Andy Papadopoulos (Ron Peno) on bass. McCubbin and Melinda Kay will be joined onstage by Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (Teeth and Tongue) on guitar, Andy Papadopoulos (Ron Peno) on bass, Tim O'Shannassy (Penny Ikinger) on drums, Julitha Ryan on cello and boy soprano, Junaid Eastman.