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Richie 1250 & The Brides of Christ with The Exotics, Bitch Diesel, Jason Goodman & The Night Owls (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors 8.30 PM

Our new single is a piano ballad, so I thought I'd make a classy Italian wedding sort of poster to go with it. The launch party will also be like an Italian wedding, with lots of carousing and singing and dancing. But no food. My grandmother is not gonna cook lasagna for all you people. She's dead, and when she was alive she was not that great a cook. But we got lotsa great music for your pleasure. Here's the plan. Jason Goodman & The Night Owls are first. They play nice louisiana r'n'b and chicano soul ballads and all that stuff you like to hear. Bitch Diesel is next. They have a stupid amound of sass and spunk and moxy and chutzpah and all the things you want a punky rock n roll band to have. Next is The Exotics. They are The Exotics. They have been the gold standard or raw greasy r'n'b rockabilly gospel rock n roll in this town since about 1991. Other towns should be so lucky to have them. And then Richie1250 & The Brides Of Christ. We play dance numbers and piano ballads too. We like to dress flamboyantly and we are all extremely good looking. In between acts DJ Ginger Light will be playing groovy records from the miniskirt era. That's the plan. RICHIE1250 & THE BRIDES OF CHRIST "THINKING ABOUT HER ALWAYS" SINGLE LAUNCH w/ THE EXOTICS + BITCH DIESEL + JASON GOODMAN & THE NIGHT OWLS + DJ GINGER LIGHT FRIDAY MARCH 10TH @ THE GASOMETER UPSTAIRS DOORS AT 8:30PM