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Liam Linley UPSTAIRS Residency with Monnone Alone & Rhia Simone n' Jimmy Carroll (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $7. Doors 7.00 PM

Dear Diary,

I’ve been writing songs for years, and I’ve never released anything under my own name. I’ve been performing for years, and I’ve never started my own band before.

During this time I’ve toured around the world and written in collaboration with some wonderful people who have become some of my best friends; namely my bands The Bowers, Hoy and Slow Galo.

Last year I started writing and recording my first bunch songs for a solo release. I have whittled it down to a 6-track EP that I’m calling ‘In the Course of Love’. I plan to release it in a few months time. It was an interesting process…writing about some of the strongest flavours of life and love at the same time as I was experiencing them, or imagining them. Sometimes I anticipated them, and sometimes I found myself bringing them back…the sweetest ones and the bitter ones.

The first song I’m going to release is called ‘Soaking Cherries’. It speaks of apartment cohabitation, ‘FoMO’, and wondering just how is it that next door seem to make things work so well?

I’ve started a band to perform these tracks. They are all such great players…I feel very lucky to have them on board. I keep telling myself they are lucky, too, because they get to play my songs. Then I laugh and tell myself to pull my head in…“You’re not in America anymore, Liam”.

We’ll be playing 4 shows upstairs at the Gasometer on Tuesday evenings in March, with a cast of really special guests. During the month I’ll be releasing ‘Soaking Cherries’ to radio, along with a beautifully animated video clip.

I’m looking forward to it.