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Biscotti 'Like Heaven In The Movies' Launch with Gregor, Pikelet & Pastiche

Tickets $12+BF/$15 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

Biscotti blends elements of synth pop, disco, hip-hop and funk to create an alternative pop spectacle that commands your full attention. Through her cinematic lens Carla Ori conjures other worldly landscapes with her evocative layering of sounds, constantly astounding with her unadulterated glee and daring compositions. The time has now come to unveil Biscotti’s first full length feature - her debut album ‘Like Heaven in the Movies’

Joining Biscotti on this special night are: Pikelet Gregor Pastiche

Listen to 'Like Heaven in the Movies' here:

"Biscotti - the project of Carla Ori - presents a similar experience of bliss on her debut album. It's an auditory heaven drawing on the best of synth pop, disco, film scores, hip-hop and funk."

  • Simon Winkler, RRR Feature Album

“The entire album takes you through a variety of different cinematic scenes that all evoke different emotions within you and help you vividly visualise some of the most outrageous and intriguing worlds. There are pieces of synth-pop and disco sprinkled within each track and a healthy dose hip-hop and funk to finalise the amazing avant-garde recipe.” - Purple Sneakers

"A perfect pop song in every way, the song has an air of 80’s influence, and the vocal delivery and instrumentation is utterly flawless." - Speaker TV