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Hot Action's Danse Klub with Horse Macgyver & Crystal Myth (UPSTAIRS)


Hot Actionホットアクション is the new band with lots of cold and dreamy synthlines and angry heartbreaking rhymes by Louis Roach ( AVOID, Whipped Cream Chargers, Pets With Pets etc.) and Zayd Thring Australia's Next Dreamboat (PETS WITH PETS, Ladydreams and a brief Lost Animal ) formed at MMW's Little Band's event not so long ago.

After being on the backburner in a casual releationship, we have decided to take this shit seriously now as of Sept 2016. After condensing many different projects in to a finely crafted two peice band heavy on the 80's inspired Synth lines and Cold Wave vibes intertwined with 90's hip hop sampling, themes and rhymes. Our little drugged out bastard of a cross bred, mixedrace raved wave of electronic pop jam has been moving fast since being legitimised as Hot Action and our first fiddle, singing to Trait Records in Australia and Supporting the likes of Alex Cameron and Lost Animal's album launches.

Our latest song Streetlight Rendezvous (Rapid Transit) written about the abundance of death that has been experienced over such a tumultuous life that is lead by inner city life long musicians and friends is an example of the serious nature and no bullshit approach (maybe a little bit of bullshit) to songwriting that has been adapted in to this new project. Noisey Review:

Our rodeo is quite old and we don't need any google maps to find our way around the block. So we've decided to have a little Redidency to showcase our new stuff and sell some tapes.

9.3.17 We have the man, the mystery, the heart killer himself Jonny Telafone (Chapter Recods). Now, if you don't know who this guy is by now I am not going to be the one to relieve you of your shame bubble you have encapsulated your body and soul in (probably a good idea actually, because he will have stolen it by now) Romance and Ballads only comparable with the big names of the New Romantics. Jonny Telafone is playing with us and it's fucking cool!

Crystal Myth are easily my new favourite band. I isntantly connected with their music last year and since have played with us nearly 50% of the time and have become our good mates as a result. More dreamcatchers of 80s pop sensibilites and heartfelt lyrics on issues of gender, equality and just life stuff. i love em heeeeaps and I dare say this won't be the last time you will see us together on a bill. But, it will be the best time x