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Orcha EP Launch with Cool Explosions, Luboku and Zol Balint

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors 6.00 PM

Melbourne Violinist ORCHA is releasing a debut EP at the Gasometer Hotel Upstairs on May 14th.

Combining vibrant and intricate Violin created sounds with lush beats and soaring vocals, ORCHA walks the line between light and dark, experimenting and exploring the harmonic possibilities of the Violin. An accomplished performer, ORCHA draws on a wealth of experience in electronic, folk, jazz and classical music to embrace the endless possibilities of the Violin. The music is dreamy and evocative, bridging the gap between acoustic and electronic sound, immersing the listener in a haunting soundscape of textures and tones.

"I started ORCHA as a passion project and a test of my skills as a Violinist. I always found myself thinking that I could emulate so many of the electronic sounds that I hear in music using my Violin through effects and started to experiment. Having the limitation of using only Violin forces me to get a lot more creative with how I go about filling out the entire harmonic structure of the song. I take inspiration from the surreal experiences of life, the joy and pain we feel every day in the modern world and I try to convey a sense of beauty and fragility in my music.”

Special guest announced soon + visuals and installations.

$10 on the door