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Rancho Relaxo ~with~ NIMH, Len Leise, Salvador Ricardo + More

FREE ENTRY. Doors 3.00 PM

Oh hello there, we're BIG TIME & Total Cure. You might remember us from such irregularly coordinated events such as "Lord of The Lo-Fi: Battle of Nevermisengard" or "Dolphin Samples: Glam, or spam?". But, on Sunday the 28th of May you'll see us in our greatest roles yet - your tour guides, bellboys, receptionists and sultanas of swing at Rancho Relaxo!

Rancho Relaxo's Recovery Package Includes: ☼ Free massages ☼ Free entry ☼ Cheap food and exotic drinks ☼ New and old friends

Good music provided by: ☼ NOISE IN MY HEAD (NTS Radio / EFFICIENT SPACE) ☼ Len Leise b2b Salvador Ricardo (GENERAL PURPOSE) ☼ Dawn Again (Rothmans / Raw Wax) ☼ Total Cure (Lucid) ☼ Darcy Justice (Lucid) ☼ Nicola Sure (Hub301 Records)

Save the date and set up that sickie. Because, you can't spell relaxo, without relax!